come in ALL colors...ages...sizes...

ethnicities and sexual orientations.

Our credo is that funny is funny and comedy is all-inclusive....and FCW's expansion is ALL about inclusion!

"All the world's a stage"... and the  FCstage is set  -- at least for right now -- in Chicago, the home of FCW 

founder & creator, Mariann Aalda,

and original FCW cast member, Hermine Wise...

and where they will continue to build the FCbrand and expand its following with local showcases

featuring some of the fabulously funny women you see here on this page...

while -- along with Rhonda, Roxanne & Holly -- they await a pickup of the




Comedy Special!


Sonal Aggarwal is a world-traveling performer and mischief maker. Born and raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, she left the U.S. after college to travel the globe. In March of 2015, while living in India as an artist and emcee, her life took a dramatic turn when a motorcycle accident resulted in a broken leg. That “fortuitous event” led her back to Chicago where, during her rehabilitation, she embraced standup comedy. Now, her infectious energy, curiosity and keen observation are being transferred to stages like Zanies, Laugh Factory, Comedy Bar, Bughouse Theater, Cleveland Comedy Festival and her own productions. And at long last, her leg is finally healing and she is now actually standing up!